i've been tagged!!

hehe..dear readers..for your information, i had been tagged by one of my best bud in secondary school..this is the first time ive been tagged and i will reply it..since i want to keep the question original..so this entry will going to be post in malay..to sir shafierul..i sak for your apology because this entry will not going to be in english..

kegunaan asal:bukak pintu ke,kunci mangga ke..
kegunaan lain:gune nak koyakkan plastik cikedis atau keropok

kegunaan asal:nk tutup pen..
kegunaan lain:nak dipatah2 kan..

kegunaan asal:nak isi air mineral..
kegunaan lain:jadi tiang gol futsal kat mozac

kegunaan asal: nak pakai la...adoi
kegunaan lain:bole dijadikan sapu tangan tok lap idong..haha

kegunaan asal:nak hancurkan cili,bawang dan halia..
kegunaan lain:mampu juge hancurkan kepale org..

kegunaan asal:perhiasan tingkap,nak elak silau..
kegunaan lain:leh wat baju raye anak disaat2 sesak duit..

kegunaan asal:nak wat keje2 office,typing..
kegunaan lain:leh jugak install game futbol manager tok maen dimase2 lapang

kegunaan asal:beli barang2,duit tukar,beli air tin dan gune mesin basuh
kegunaan lain:org gune wat maen spirit of da coin..ish3..

kegunaan asal:nk share maklumat,kongsi ilmu..
kegunaan lain:sesetengah tu saje nk tnjuk pasangan die..nyampah lak..

teenagers to remain single..this for you~

when talking about teenagers, love is become the hottest topic in their life.they start to experienced love,to act like a husband or wife and anything related to love..some of them keep discussing about it in order to get a true meaning of love..and others try to avoid it as they know all risks that they should take when they are in love..but you TEENAGERS..i totally agreed with your decision to avoid love or serious relationship at such young ages..but, the question is..do you really avoid it??or you just keep talking rubbish to cover your own act..

dear teenagers,dear friends..one you said you prefer to be single..and you are not ready to have serious relationship..then you should stand your decision..what i mean here is you should take extra care of yourself by avoiding scandals and whatsoever..you can befriend with anyone you like,hang out with your bud..and in your life.. when someone express his feeling to you..then you should stand to your decision, say that you prefer to befriend with him..please teenagers..DON'T GIVE BUNCH OF HOPE TO YOUR ADMIRER,IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO FULFILL HIS REQUEST..

dear teenagers..love is beauty..life is beauty and this period of time is really wonderful.do not make it horrible by your own act..think of yourself and do what is best for you..and for me..i DO NOT wish to remain single in this time..sorry for everything..till we meet again..

my life and all about it..

its been nineteen years since i was born in this world. its a long but unrealising time. alhamdulillah, thanks to dear Lord Allah to give chances and many experience in all my life untill today. in all my life, i realise that theres a period of time that realy bother me.. it is a short, sharp, painful period in my life..along this time..i feel sad,angry and confuse..confuse about what is the fact of my life..what is my destiny and what is the end of my life..this period give such a burden to me and sometime,it drops my tears.

i try to hide it,try to make the feeling invisible from the public.. i go socialize,play sports and make my ownself busy..but yet,nothing gonna change this feeling. even my friends sometimes notice that i look like to have much problem..thanks dear friends for your concern..but believe me,sometime even i also dont know what my problem is..maybe it just the feeling that realy bother me..

i consider myself lucky to have such wonderful friend,that concern for me..it actually help me to deal with this feeling and daily problem..as for myself..i better try to encounter this problem and continue my life..

my anger and hatreds..

during my secondary school.. 
i did had a few best bud that i consider as my own brother...
we have so many good time together..
untill we finished secondary school and further our studies in matriculation..
then one tragedy happens...
the tragedy that change everything..
the tragedy that destroy my relationship with one of my friends..

i dont know why..
untill today..
i still can forget what he had done to me..
and i still hold a grudge to him..
i can't even see his photo..
everytime i look at it..
it makes me abhor him..
i feel so angry..
and i hope that someday i can killed him brutally!!

dear Lord Allah..
what a terrible behaviour that i have.. 
i am not too strong..
to accept Your test and obstacle..
o Allah..
please nurture within me..
a forgiveness feeling..
and fill my heart with calmness..
may i be Your faithful servant...

water crisis..

today i start my class week fluently..
i woke up in the morning,perform my subuh prayer and take a bath..
then i went to english and differential equation class this morning..
when i went to the cafetaria to had a lunch with my classmate..
i bumped with my roomate and he told me something..
something that is a nightmare for all students..
its is about u** run out of water AGAIN!!

this problem has been a common crisis in u**..
everytime we run out of water, i need to wake up early in the morning..
rushing to the bathroom and wait for my turn to take bath..
this situation is really annoying and make me really uncomfortable.
this problem make u** a pathethic place for study and to live in..

dear canselor,administration,lecturer,technichian,felo,staff,cleaner and also guard..
please do something for us students..
to avoid water crisis in u**
that is the basic facilities for people..
and we deserve to have it..

new hopes,new goal and new aim..

today is the first day i start my class after cny holiday..
this means,we are going 10 weeks of  classes without any holiday anymore..
and this also means that we will undergo series of tests,quizzes and lastly the final exam..
added with the tight schedule..
this can make ones gone crazy..hehehe..

but for me..i need to start new goal..
i need to do all my best..to encounter this situation..
as i hope that this semester can improve my pointer..
and to finish this semester with flying colours..
it will regain my pride..
for me..and i believe for everybody..
to pass every examination with flying colours is like a dream come true..

things are getting tougher everyday..
with some killer subjects and another factors that may disturb my studies..
but i hope with this new hope that i set..
it will always remind me that..
i should done  all my best..
and put so much efforts for this semester..

dear roomates,bae friends and others..
lets put our all out efforts..
to achieved excellent result..not for this semester only..
but for our entire semester in ump.. :)

{ O believers!when it is said to you;make room in assemblies..
then do make room;Allah will make room for you.
and when it is said,'rise up,then rise up;Allah will raise
in degree those of you..
who believes and those who are endowed with knowledge.
and Allah is aware what you are doing{58:11}