when i enter UMP, i do not expected that i will gifted with the bestest friends that i have today. start from not knowing each others,we start making friends among ourselves and without realising it, we start to love each others and we shared our moments together.we always spend our times together in ump and make every moment that we have are unforgettable. i consider this is among the best gift that Allah had given to me and i really glad to have it..alhamdulillah..

we walked the same path in life and we went through so many experienced together.theres also a  sad moment,a little quarrel and misunderstands..but we know that we loved each others and we did not bear to see anyone of us sad or suffer.so,we managed to solve each of our problem together..and we start to make our life full with joy and laugh again..

i really glad to have them as my bestest friends and i hope that this relationship will last forever..till our life ended..we shared the same dream in life and we hope to achieved it together...

"five hands that will shake the world.. :)"

~appearance older than age??~~

hmm..this incident happen today when i went to the eatery to buy some food.since the eatery is in my neighbourhood..so the owner and the workers know my family well..after i ordered my food and waiting for it to be done..i noticed that the workers took a few glance at me.. i just gave her a smile and continued waiting for my food. after my food done and i about to pay..this incident happens in the dialogues between me and the worker..

worker: are the last time to come is your younger brother?
me:no, im the younger one.he's my older brother..
worker:so you the younger one?
me:yes..err,can i pay now?
worker:yeah,sure..here's the bill...

i paid for the bill and i went back to my house. on my way, i kept thinking how come the worker thought that i am the older one..is it because that i am to messy that made her thought i'm the older one or my attire look so out dated..this things keep rolling in my mind until i reach home..

but when i think back,this  incident make me realise that as time pass by,we're getting older.how much time in my life that we spent to make our life meaningful??we should live our life to the fullest while we can.age is a matter of numbers only and what the most important things is how we make our life memorable and meaningful..so cheer up and start ur life with cheerful and joy!!

~realising something within me~

 Today is the 7th day since my holiday
but when i woke up this morning..
i feel really anxious..
lots of questions keep rolling in my minds..

my feeling getting weird..
and i become uncomfortable..
deep inside my feelings..its getting pain..
i feel like been conceal by darkness..

{and not be sluggish and neither be grieved,
you are the very same who shall overcome
if you have faith{3:139}

then suddenly..
i feel energised again..
i feel very relieved..
thanks to my family..
for giving me continous support..
and to all my friends..
i really love you all..

love:my opinion,my point of view..my believes..

love..when talking about love, i believes that all of us will get interested to hear, to give their opinions and to feel love itself. and love is such a feeling that a gift from dear lord to all human. but how people nowadays describe love and how they applied it in daily life??love will makes one blinds,will changes ones attitude and sometimes love will killing.we often hear that teenagers run from their home to follow their lover and another social crime related with love. my opinions, this is clearly a wrong ways of loving and should be avoided by each people.

but there is something that we didn't realize when we are in love. a mistake that we never realized it. and we only think about that after we lose someone we love because of a quarrel or whatsoever. the biggest mistake that i mean is our attitude towards our people around us. when we are in love, we automatically ignored people around us, although we never think that we will do such thing, it seem like to come naturally. people in love try to take careof his spouse feeling even sometimes they might hurt their own friends feelings. what a such horrible attitude appears in their life. what make it worse it, they not feel guilty as long as they able to make their spouse happy.

i strongly believes that friends and lover are stand in the same level in everyone life. both people will try their best to help us,to love us as mush as they can.but what makes me little sad is friends are always been ignored for the sake of loves. why certain lovers can't admit the relationship between friends is also some kind of love and should be appreciate??

i am giving my opinion based on my experienced as a lover and also as friend who feel  isolated by my friends who are in loves.when i am in loves, i got a quarrel with my own bestfriends just to make my spouse happy with me.and i am willing to accept any punishment from others just to protect her. but once she dump me, i start to realized that i had done  lot of wrong things and i start to regret it. although  i really love her, but what wrong doing is still wrong. and my experienced as a friends, i feel really sad when my own friends ignored my advices just for his lover. and same goes to me,he also dumped by that girl. those are example of serious mistake that we had done because we are not showing love in a correct ways.

love is such a great feeling..born from people heart and bring hapiness to our life. i do believes in loves and i do looking for true love in my life. but we should not spoil this pure feelings by hurting another peeple around us.try to love others as much as we can and as a reward, we will be loved by others too.thats the true hapiness that we looking for actually...for words which might hurts..i ask for an apology...thank you..

A story of my wonderful friend..

i still remembered when i first enter my class after 'minds' week at University Malaysia Pahang. the condition is very quite as we still did not know each other. i took a very long glance at everyone in my class and tried to remembered each of them. suddenly, i seen a girl in the corner of the class, looked shy and innocent, wearing blouse patiently wait for the lecturer to enter the class. at first, i just ignored her because i frequently thinked about my life as a university students, my lessons and many more.

What makes me get more interest to know this girl is during our class, she was called in front because our lecturer wanted to show us how to use university's website and she was chosen to show us the correct way to use the website. and again i saw her, i noticed that she look smart and quite pretty also.. looked very pure yet a little bit clumsy. i become attracted when looking her clumsy action in front of the class. i become eager to know her and hope that i able to know her as soon as possible.

finally, i got my chance to greet that evening. while we were waiting for next classes, i took a chance to get her and start talking to her. i asked where she from, from which matriculation she came and many more. she answered all my questions with bashful act. maybe because we just know each other. then we went to the class and back to the hostel. deep inside, i feel so reliefed because finally i got my chance to know her.and that moment became the turning point for us and we become friends untill now.
since i know her and befriend with her, i realised that she actually a very jovial person.she also very kind and always help me when i need it the most. she a little bit naughty as she always tease me when we had a chat or discussion. what the best thing of her is she is very funny. everybody will enjoy talking and laughing with her. she has every reason for people to befriend with her and to love her.

Don't judge a book by its cover..that is the best quote that i can describe her. she maybe look snobbish as now she always get mad at me. but actually she totally different. she is a kind hearted, funny and a very smart girl.i really love to hear she speaking in english because she can speak fluently and has a very good pronounciations. as a friend to her, i really glad to know her and hope that this friendsip will last forever..or if god wills, somethings better will come up after this..huhuhu..kidding..

to her, thanks for being such wonderful friends for me.and i really appriciate that..thank you..

the blog and me..

hi everyone..
this is my very first entries in this blogspot and also my very first experience as a blogger. seriously, i never think that someday i will also write a blog because i did not have any intention to write a blog before. thanks to technical english class because its open the path for me to present my life in more modern and safe ways. i hope that all the entries that will be post in my blogspot will remind us and also myself what is the fact the life and help us to face all the challenges as a human in this cunning world.