friends-the last entry about this topic..

actually i am quite bored to post a comment about friends,its relationship and so many things about it. this is relationship is very subjective,and people keep translating it in their own ways, in their own style and language.and other people keep taking advantages behind this pure relationship. the quitely makes profit from their friend, for example, pay less for money they had borrowed, and skip doing work because they think it is their friends, and their friends will not harm them.. even what they do..

i interested with my bestest friend statement in his recent entry.. our best friend today is the worst enemy for tomorrow.. it is a painful reality that everyone should acccept..within this relationship, without realising it, we hold grudge to our own friend,because we are not abe to scold them, to yell at them or even to complaint anything..just because we do not want to hurt them..bit by bit..anger,hate and even jealousy nurtured in us..and we start to avoid our own friend..and sometime, our action hurts our own friends, and they still don't know why we act like that..sounds a little bit cruel but this actually happening in everybody..and in every friendship.

old mans says..we shall not love ones full heartedly, as we will feel the pain double..i used to against this says but things going to happen daily in my life..and i admit now, that this quote is quite true..but for me, we can avoid this things, we just need to become more honest with each other and please.please do not take advantages on your own friends.. this will only make thing worst and worst..

readers, do think about our relationship that we have we realy appriciate it??or we just satisfy with one or two people that close to us only?the answer lies within your mind..

satisfying people heart..

in our life,we will undergo so many obstacles,tests and challenge..and everytime we need to face it, it will make us stronger,build up our spirits and most importantly,it give us experience..experience to valued the life that we have now..and sometimes, every action that we decide to take,seem will give a good impact in our life..
and yet,sometimes it accidently effect people around us..

belive it or not, in every action that we made, we take precautions so that no feeling will be hurt
we decide everything carefully,and think about it wisely before we made up our mind
but in fact, we just a human, a slave that full of weakness and we are nothing .
we can't even know what people really want from us..and what they expect us to be..
and we always thought that we are just right, and we had satisfied all people around us..

same goes to me,sometimes i really don't understand, why suddenly problems occur in every action i take, and sometimes people become unsatisfied with me..
and just leaving me with bunch of questions in my mind..
is it all my fault??
what have i done??
what should i do??
can everything back to normal??
and as a result, it burdens me ..bit by bit..

i just a human..i repeat.i just a human..
i admit that i cannot satisfied every people around me..
i can't predict what they feel..what they expect from me..
maybe some decision that i made might hurt others..
deep from my heart, i ask for an apology to all people..
where maybe they unsatisfied with me..
please accept my weakness and we accepting each others..
and again..
very sorry to all..

moments that not always come along..

my memories with them..
our "larian kakom"..hehe
our statue..C4 block..hehe
my bud playing tennis..pali
my practicum guys..H4P2

Being too it good?

everybody in this world trying to get whats best for themselves..everything that they want, they will choose things that they think suit them wel..everything in life from tees, foods, beverages untill their life partner.but what about person being too choosy in their life??and what the worst thing is, they likely to insult things or person that they think not look really good. for me, as a consumer and as a person that will decide my own life..i also make choices, i do select the best thongs for my life..but at the same, i will not try to insult anything that not suit me well. being too choosy, is a very very bad habit, where it might hurt others feeling, make people dislike them and many more..

i kept on thinking why people need to be so choosy, and they will simply insult things or person that they dislike..eventhough people that they insult never,even once, to hurt them.. why this choosy people must punish someone for their weakness??  their weakness was created by dear lord Allah,and as a SLAVE in this world, we should accept whatever weakness in others life, because we ownself have weakness..

being to choosy actually will expose our own weakness instead..while we keep busy judging people,another person will start to find our weakness and they started to judge us.even we did small mistakes in our step,they will crush us down,they consider it as a opportunity for their a result, our arrogance actually brought us down and expose ourself to danger.

remember a things, that nobody..i repeat nobody in this world a born as a perfect perfect until they deserve to judge people..and become too choosy. actually, this behaviour is really people out ther..go make some changes in your life and accept whatever was created in this world..

a piece of advices for you dear friends..

dear friend,
we didn't make any expectation that we can know each others and will befriend untill all this happens..but bear in minds dear,that this was fated,we meet and get know each others..this is one of His gift to us..

we go through so many moment together,we had fun together and we undergo hard time together.every moment we shared together without it always give us hope to be together all the time..don't you realise friend,how much love that created between us,didn't you see my friends how strong the bond that keep us together..

my friend,
life is not always happy..this is a cunning world,dangerous and full of colours...we as human in His world,will also face all the obstacles and problems..can't you see my lovely friend,how strong we are when we are together,eventhough it is very hard to deal with the situation,we face together and we are protecting each other.this is the result of love we made everytime we are together..

but why my friend,
 sometime,you just don't care about our feeling,my feeling..why everytime you need to deal with your problem,your try to blast it all to your own friends..why my love,what makes you bear to do such cruel act to it too much sin that we had done to you??

why friend,
what make you bear to say mean words to us??is it your own friend always make you angry?bear in mind my lovely friend, we are just a common people..people makes mistake and sometimes the keep making mistake..if true friendship lies in you..then you should have forgiveness act to us your friend..i just want you to know that we will never to say such harsh thing to you,just for one reason..we love you..

you are looking for perfectionist in your life,you feel anxious when everything was not done according to your plan..remember my friend,we are just a human,full of weakness and not perfect.we know that you are one of the most perfect person in this world,but i just hope you didn't expect us to become as perfect as you..i repeat that we are just human and we are full of imperfection..

my friend,
we never isolate you in our activities,we try so much to get you involve in our plan,as we can share the moment together..but why friend,everything seem not good for you,you  just simply dissapoint us,simply refuse to join us..didn't you think what a gigantic dissapointment you give us..hence,you try to go far away from it because we are too disgrace for you??

my lovely friend,
we never expect that hate and anger will break our love bond,and crush every of us..we never ever want this to happen and we use all of our might and patience to avoid it..just know my friend,we are not happy for this thing happen,and we go through hard time since this thing happen..i just want you to know..

remember my friend,
once you lost your own friends,then you will realise what is the meaning of this friendship..and you will know how much we love you..we always try to feel your problem and try to help you..when you lost your own friend and you need to face this cruel world by yourself,you will feel all the pain that you gave us..and when that happen,there is no use to drop your tears and crying even till the end of your life..

just to remind you my friend,
thanks because you used to be such wonderful friend..from today onwards,you are free to do whatever you like..i ask for an apology cause i always become a troublemaker for you..and now,you just follow your own path,decide whatever you like..and we will just follow your flow..i pray sooner or later,you will have a perfect friend just like you..and i pray for your success in your life.till then,bye..